5 de abril de 2010

This is NOT Grafitti

"Graffiti is not meant to be in a gallery, exposed as another art form, it should be on the streets, fighting the system!"
with this idea in mind the 24 years old illustrator with a graffiti background based in Lisbon, decided to create an exhibition about this strange world where kids run from cops, go underground, always looking for the perfect mission, the coolest style, the fame and glory that comes with becoming the king!
This is not a Graffiti exhibition, it´s a 6 step program to become a writer and blow it all up by entering the art world!
Opening: Thursday 29th April / 9:00 pm
Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa
Rua da Rosa Nº14G Bairro Alto
1200-387 Lisboa
, Portugal

From April 29th until the May 29th 2010.

4 comentários:

Sneakerlicious disse...

Eu estou lá! :)

Montana disse...

Hell yeaaah
Come an visit @ Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa 29 Abril, 21H.

L.O.A.D.B disse...

tou la.
e so digo a nike town e a size? vao render mille
mta coisa boa pelas ruas de londres :p

Anónimo disse...

this is NOT graffiti!

thanks dudes, é pa fazer a festa como se o mundo acabasse em 2012!